Located in the heart of Tuscany, Fattoria Pallazeta provides the opportunity to visit the most beautiful art towns in the region, which are from 40 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour and a half away by car. The local town is Cecina, a delightful town established in a unique position, framed by a green plain between the river, the sea and the hills.
Equipped with all facilities: a small port and many entertainment opportunities such as the water park, the equestrian centre, tennis courts, bowling ground, windsurfing and sailing schools, diving centres and all others sports and leisure facilities. The origins of the town are ancient, being home to major Etruscan and Roman settlements.
Fascinating findings are now kept at Villa San Vincenzino Archaelogical Park and at Villa La Cinquantina archaelogical museum (only 500 meters from Fattoria Pallazeta) that hosts every year many important exhibitions and shows.


Fattoria Pallazeta is located in the heart of Tuscany, halfway on the Etruscan Coast, in an ideal position, surrounded by greenery and at the same time just one minute away from the town and the sea. This special sea was awarded the EU Blue Flag and other prestigious awards for its clean water and the quality and efficiency of the services provided.
The coastline in front of Fattoria Palazzeta features an extremely varied landscape: the beaches are mostly sandy, with thin or thick grains, with low-slope sea bottom, ideal for children and for playing sports. There are also more pebbly sections and beautiful rocky areas. A beautiful pine forest a hundred years old runs along the sea, providing a cool shelter to rest or play sports even during the hottest hours.
A few kilometers from Fattoria Palazzeta, along the Etruscan Coast, there are comfortable beaches of fine and soft sand, wild and untouched dunes, cliffs and rocks from which to dive into the blue sea. This stretch of coast is almost entirely covered by thick Mediterranean pine forests that run parallel to the beach.
Proceeding from north to south, passing the promontory of Castiglioncello and its small rocky bays, in Rosignano meet the first long sandy beaches. These are particular white sand beaches that are truly unique in Tuscany.
Beyond Cecina, the pinewood of the Costa degli Etruschi does not present interruptions, it simply widens or shrinks, remaining between the beaches and the inland villages. In this stretch there are numerous beaches awarded with the Blue Flag to witness the beauty, environmental value and cleanliness of these places.
Moving 35 km further south, near San Vincenzo, you enter the Natural Park of Rimigliano. A large green area characterized by high sand dunes and wild vegetation with myrtle and juniper bushes that reach the sand a few meters from the sea.

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The surroundings of Fattoria Pallazeta offer many opportunities for sports lovers: diving, fishing (big game fishing, too), all kinds of sailing sports, horse riding, trekking, mountain bike, tennis, 5-a-side football, mini golf, clay pigeon shooting, bowling.
Just 2 km away from Fattoria Pallazeta you will find the Spot One centre at the Spiaggia delle Gorette, where it is possible to rent boards and take windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, sailing and catamaran cruising lessons. “Le gorette” is one of the most famous and popular spots in Tuscany for its wind frequency, both in summer, thanks to thermal sea breezes, and in winter.
At the small port of Cecina Mare there is also the possibility of diving, big game fishing and professional sailing. Guided tours, by bicycle or horse riding, reveal a surprising world all through the year, where the colours of nature still scan the four seasons.

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Island of Elba
The Island of Elba is a wonderful land, which offers unforgettable emotions to those who have the opportunity to visit it. This real pearl of the Mediterranean is just 10 km from the mainland and can be reached easily in about an hour.
Ferries to the Island of Elba leave from the port of Piombino, the main tourist port of the Tuscan coast, about 40 minutes from Fattoria Palazzeta. The ferry service is available all year round and is guaranteed by several shipping companies: Navy Blue, Elba Ferries, Moby and Toremar.
From the port of Piombino it is possible to disembark at Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo, three locations located on the east coast of the island. Those who wish to continue sailing to the smaller islands of Pianosa, Giglio and Giannutri can do so by using smaller ferries assigned to the service.
There are frequent connections throughout the year and not just in the summer. Elba is in fact an ideal destination in every season because in addition to beautiful beaches and coastline offers many alternatives.
The hinterland of the island lends itself perfectly to activities such as hiking, mountain biking, orienteering, bird watching, cycling. Here there are in fact many small historic villages, castles, fortresses and archaeological sites.

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Medieval villages in Val di Cecina
Val di Cecina is a vast expanse of hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, a land rich in waterways and historical evidence. The glorious past of the valley is well recognizable in the medieval villages that are scattered throughout its territory: Volterra, Riparbella, Casale Marittimo and Montecatini Val di Cecina.
Volterra, of ancient Etruscan origin, is a real open-air museum with monuments dating back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Even today surrounded by high stone walls, the city is characterized by a particularly charming atmosphere.
Riparbella is a small and very scenic village lying in the middle of vast olive groves, woods and vineyards. The same can be said of Casale Marittimo located halfway between the hills and the sea. Both developed during the Middle Ages and remained almost intact in their original urban structure.
Montecatini Val di Cecina dominates the local countryside from the top of a hill. In an isolated position compared to the other villages of the territory, the town has jealously preserved its traditions and its historical treasures such as the ancient Torre Belforti.

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Gulf of Baratti and Populonia
Between Poggio San Leonardo and the promontory of Piombino, a short distance from Fattoria Palazzeta, there is a pristine beach surrounded by greenery: it is the Gulf of Baratti. Along the entire bay of the bay there is a wonderful golden sand that when lit by the sun brings back a thousand colored reflections. Among the grains of sand there are in fact microscopic pieces of iron that shine in the light of the sun. They are the scraps that Etruscans and Romans left on the ground after the processing of iron coming from the Island of Elba.
There are numerous Etruscan necropolis near the gulf and the nearby town of Populonia. The latter was an important Etruscan stronghold which, given its strategic position, allowed the inhabitants to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.
Today the historic center of Populonia is a destination for excursions and walks that offers picturesque alleys and beautiful vantage points. Here is also the Archaeological Museum in which are preserved many artifacts found on the territory and inside the necropolis.
Most of the historical heritage of the area is however collected in the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, a large green area with many routes for visitors.

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Etruscan Coast
The coastline, and the immediate hinterland, between Livorno and Piombino is known as “Etruscan Coast”. It is one of the most suggestive areas of Tuscany where there is a unique harmony between art, history and landscape.
The territory is famous for the presence of numerous archaeological sites dating back to Etruscan and Roman times. Today, much of this historical heritage is accessible to the public and can be visited all year round in museums and protected areas. The most visited archaeological park is that of Baratti and Populonia, located just a few kilometers from Fattoria Palazzeta.
The Etruscan Coast is also characterized by wonderful sandy beaches, clear sea and cool pinewoods of the coast. These Mediterranean forests separate the beach from the inhabited centers located along the coast and create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.
They are the green lung of the territory, crossed by a dense network of paths ideal for hiking and walking, mountain biking or horseback riding.
Inland there are some of the most characteristic medieval villages of Tuscany.
Riparbella, Rosignano Marittimo, Bibbona, Castellina Marittima, Montescudaio, Gaurdistallo are just some of the best known and most visited countries. These are ancient villages that have remained almost unchanged in their medieval or renaissance appearance. Over time they have not undergone drastic transformations, so they are still today gathered around their original nucleus, often perched on the top of low hills. They enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view that reaches the sea.

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Cecina is one of the best locations for family holidays on the Tuscan coast. The city is full of attractions for adults and children both on the beach and in the historic center. The coastal pinewood of the Tombolo di Cecina Nature Reserve and the city water park are two very popular and appreciated places for families wishing to stay in Cecina.
Those who choose to explore the surroundings of the country and the hilly area a few miles from the sea are spoiled for choice.
Ideal for family excursions are the small villages of the Val di Cecina area such as Riparbella, Montegemoli, Montecatini, Miemo. These are villages of medieval, Etruscan or Roman origins that have preserved intact in their historic center the magical atmosphere of those times.
Walking along the city streets you will find churches and medieval public buildings, but also high defensive walls of even more ancient origin.
One of the favorite destinations for family excursions around Cecina is the historic village of Volterra, just 40 km away. Immersed in the Tuscan countryside, the historic center of the city hides medieval and Renaissance treasures of incredible artistic and architectural value including the Jewish ghetto, Palazzo dei Priori, the Medici Fortress.

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