Bolgheri is a true pearl of the Etruscan Coast. Located less than 10 km from the sea, the village is surrounded by vineyards and cultivated fields which produce wine and agricultural products of excellent quality. The wine of Bolgheri is among the most famous in Italy, appreciated both on the territory and abroad.
The village is connected to the main road that runs parallel to the sea, the Via Aurelia, from a long tree-lined avenue known as the “avenue of cypresses”. This very charming road was also celebrated by the Italian poet Giosuè Carducci in his “Davanti a San Guido”. Carducci has in fact spent part of his childhood between Bolgheri and Castagneto and the latter in particular today bears his name with pride.
As you get closer to the village, you can clearly distinguish the contours of the red-brick castle marking its entrance. As soon as you cross the access arch under the castle tower you immediately enter the historical center.
Bolgheri is gathered around its square, from here branch off the streets and alleys that characterize the village. Everywhere you look there are stone buildings and small shops where you can buy local products. First of all is the Sassicaia, one of the most precious and expensive red wines of Tuscany. The ideal place to taste local products is to stop in Bolgheri for an aperitif, visit a winery or a local farm.