The Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli extends along the Tuscan coast, a few kilometers north of Fattoria Palazzeta. The protected area of the park covers about 24,000 hectares, forming a green buffer between the beach and the inland villages. Although the area is located in the center of a very urbanized area, it presents an incredible variety of natural environments.
One of the most popular attractions is Lake Massaciuccoli, a large body of water surrounded by canals and marshes full of life. The lake is frequented by numerous migratory species and small mammals that hide in the reeds. The importance of preserving this natural habitat intact is also evidenced by the presence of the LIPU Oasis in Massaciuccoli.
In San Rossore there is instead a thick Mediterranean pinewood crossed by many paths for hiking and mountain biking. These routes are very popular because they connect the beach to the inhabited centers of the hinterland. They are ideal for sports even on the hottest days, to organize picnics and spend some time in contact with nature. Along the paths you can also spot wild boars, fallow deer, foxes, porcupines, squirrels.
Do not miss a visit to the wild sand dunes of Vecchiano. Here the vegetation of the pine forest goes almost to the beach. It is a unique environment, very exciting and evocative where you can fully appreciate the authentic nature of the Tuscan coast.