The Tomboli of Cecina are a Nature Reserve that represent a fundamental and characteristic ecosystem of the area and are the primary purpose of defending the cultivations from the strong marine winds.

The Tomboli, this long dunes covered by thick vegetation, extende for 15 km and its very thick vegetation includes holm oaks, maritime and domestic pines; moreover, the full area also server as a shelter for animals like wild rabbits, weasels, porcupines, foxes, badgers and roe deer or ever turtledoves, hoopoe, green woodpeckers and wood pigeons that for long periods manage to find their home on the entire tomboli reserve.

The Tomboli of Cecina Nature Reserve is located precisely in Marina of Cecina, just 7 km from our Fattoria Palazzeta and is considered by all the Italy like one of the most beautiful forests of the entire nation that extends from the sea to the hinterland.