The thermal baths of Venturina and Sassetta are among the most appreciated in the region. Both are about 40 km from Fattoria Palazzeta and can be easily reached within 30 minutes by car. These two thermal complexes, located a short distance from the sea, allow you to relax in nature, dedicate quality time to body, mind and spirit.
Venturina is a thermal town well known since the Roman era. The modern swimming pool, used for relaxing baths, is still powered by the original source of the time. The Romans, or perhaps the Etruscans, were the first to discover the beneficial properties of Venturina waters and to use them. The pleasant temperature of the thermal spring relaxes the muscles of the whole body and has a therapeutic effect on the joints. It also relieves pain and infuses a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
Inside the establishment you can also undergo massages and beauty treatments with professionals.
The thermal baths of Sassetta are very appreciated for the privacy and tranquility that they grant to all guests. They are in fact located in the heart of a cool Mediterranean scrub that makes the environment very pleasant. The waters of Sassetta are warm and rich in minerals, sulphates and calcium. These characteristics make them particularly indicated in the treatment of dermatological, rheumatic and respiratory diseases. They have a beneficial effect on sinusitis and joint pain.
Also in Sassetta there are special areas dedicated to beauty treatments and massages.