The Oasis of Bolgheri is a protected area of about 500 hectares managed by the WWF. Established in 1966, it was one of the first nature reserves of WWF in Italy.
The territory of the oasis is located a short distance from the sea and is a splendid example of how the Tuscan coast was presented before the land reclamation carried out by the Medici government and the Grand Ducal government. It is a swamp with flooded ponds and meadows, groves and pine trees. This natural habitat is home to numerous migratory species each year passing through the winter.
The territory of the oasis of Bolgheri has remained almost intact over time because it is part of a private property. The Incisa della Rocchetta family used the area as a personal hunting reserve. It was Mario Incisa della Rocchetta who transformed the area into a protected oasis entrusting it to the care of the newborn WWF Italia. Even today the family is closely linked to the territory and involved in the management of the oasis.
Visiting the Bolgheri oasis is possible all year long by reservation. You are accompanied by an expert guide along the “Nature Trail” that goes for several hundred meters into the swamp. Along the way you are surrounded by aquatic plants, meadows and uncultivated fields. Birdwatchers have the opportunity to spot many species of birds including herons, hawks, cormorants, lapwings and even storks.
The latter have returned to nest in the oasis after several years of absence. This means that the work of conservation and protection of the territory is carried out with extreme seriousness and commitment.