The port of Livorno is located in the heart of the city, is one of the most important tourist and commercial ports of Tuscany. The activity of the port and of the local naval companies never stops. In every season of the year it is possible to take the ferry to visit the nearest islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.
Just in front of the city of Livorno, about 37 km away, is the Island of Gorgona. Although it is the site of a small prison, on the island it is possible to participate in guided excursions that lead to the discovery of the uncontaminated nature of the place. Only 75 visitors per day are allowed to keep the magic and the environmental value of the island intact. The ferry crossing takes about 2 hours. You sail in a stretch of sea also frequented by dolphins, blue whales and sperm whales for which it may happen to spot their fins in the distance.
Ferries from the port of Livorno can also take you to Capraia, another wonderful island off the Tuscan coast. Capraia is almost closer to Corsica than to our country and is considered the wildest and most fascinating island of the archipelago. Its case is unique, in fact it originated from a volcanic eruption that occurred about 10 million years ago. The volcanic crater is still well recognizable at Cala Rossa, a bay with incredible colors and a characteristic semi-circular shape.
To reach Capraia with the ferries from the port of Livorno it takes almost 3 hours of navigation.