The Cecina Cathedral, also known as the Church of Saints Giuseppe and Leopoldo, is located in Cathedral Square (until 2015 it was known as church square) in Cecina.

It was built in 1851 for want of Grand Duke Leopoldo II and for the frescoes and interior decorations were requested the hand of the Empoli Painter Vincenzo Lami thanks to the excellent result obtained in a previous work entrusted for the Church of San Leopoldo Re in Vada.

At the beginning of the 900 the Cathedral was restored, its interior was embellished with a fresco in the apse area and the decorations of the front were put in place. Further modifications and decorations were carried out after the Second World War, with the creation of new windows and the shifting of the upper nave to the side chapels.

For lovers of history and art, the Cecina Cathedral is really an open-air work of art that can be viewed only about 5 km from the Fattoria Palazzeta.