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On this page of our website you can find the attractions of Palazzeta Farm in order to spend your holidays in the beautiful sea of Cecina and surroundings. Click on the title of an attraction to view more details.


26 April 2019Bibbona

Bibbona is a small Italian town in the province of Livorno, in Tuscany that includes only about 3000 inhabitants.

The small town has very ancient origins and its name, which probably derives from an Etruscan man called “Bibius“, was first recorded in 1109.

The municipality of…

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marina cecina

17 April 2019Marina di Cecina

Marina di Cecina, also known as “Cecina Mare” is a small fraction of the municipality of Cecina, only 4 km from Fattoria Palazzeta.

The Village of Marina di Cecina is a renowned seaside and holiday resort located in the heart of the Etruscan Coast.

The small…

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duomo di cecina cathedral

11 April 2019Cecina Cathedral

The Cecina Cathedral, also known as the Church of Saints Giuseppe and Leopoldo, is located in Cathedral Square (until 2015 it was known as church square) in Cecina.

It was built in 1851 for want of Grand Duke Leopoldo…

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tomboli di cecina tomboli of cecina

4 April 2019Tomboli of Cecina

The Tomboli of Cecina are a Nature Reserve that represent a fundamental and characteristic ecosystem of the area and are the primary purpose of defending the cultivations from the strong marine winds.

The Tomboli, this long dunes covered by thick vegetation, extende for 15 km and its very thick vegetation…

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12 July 2018Bay of Castiglioncello

Castiglioncello is a small town on the Tuscan coast about 10 km from Fattoria Palazzeta. The village dominates the top of a promontory overlooking the sea from which you can admire an exceptional panorama. Just at the base of the promontory there is a…

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28 June 2018Ferries from the port of Livorno

The port of Livorno is located in the heart of the city, is one of the most important tourist and commercial ports of Tuscany. The activity of the port and of the local naval companies never stops. In every season of the year it…

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14 June 2018Oasis WWF of Bolgheri

The Oasis of Bolgheri is a protected area of about 500 hectares managed by the WWF. Established in 1966, it was one of the first nature reserves of WWF in Italy.
The territory of the oasis is located a short distance from the sea and…

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31 May 2018thermal baths of Venturina and Sassetta

The thermal baths of Venturina and Sassetta are among the most appreciated in the region. Both are about 40 km from Fattoria Palazzeta and can be easily reached within 30 minutes by car. These two thermal complexes, located a short distance from the sea,…

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17 May 2018Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro

The Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro is located in Campiglia Marittima, about 30 minutes from Fattoria Palazzeta. It is a very fun and educational theme park, ideal for spending a day with the whole family.
The protected area includes some of the region’s oldest…

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10 May 2018Tuscan Archipelago

Legend has it that the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago originated from the brilliant pearls of Venus fallen into the Mediterranean. Elba, Capraia, Gorgona, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giannutri and Giglio are in fact precious gems that need care and protection. The territory of the…

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