The area between the Gulf of Baratti and the promontory of Populonia was once an important iron working center. Those that today are two small towns on the Tuscan coast, were the protagonists of the Etruscan and Roman society of the first century A.C. To testify it there are several large necropolis found in the area.
Today these historical monuments are protected within the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia. The park covers about 80 hectares almost reaching the local beach.
The most admired attractions are certainly the Necropoli delle Grotte and the Necropoli di San Cerbone. Many of the graves present in here were found in excellent condition because they have remained buried for centuries under iron waste.
When archaeologists brought them to light they also discovered jewels and other objects inside them. Some of the tombs had never been opened until then. Among the most evocative we suggest the Tomba dei Carri, 28 m wide, and the Tomba del Bronzetto Offerente, the best preserved.
In addition to the necropolis, remains of temples, roads and industries were also found.
Not to be missed is the acropolis of Populonia, where there is also the local archaeological museum. Being located on the top of the promontory, the acropolis enjoys a magnificent view of the sea, the gulf and the hills of the hinterland. Here is also located the ancient medieval fortress of Populonia, a strategic observation point that for centuries has been the only link of the territory with its glorious past.