The Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro is located in Campiglia Marittima, about 30 minutes from Fattoria Palazzeta. It is a very fun and educational theme park, ideal for spending a day with the whole family.
The protected area includes some of the region’s oldest mining sites. In the galleries have been found objects and instruments dating back to the Etruscan era, but it was only in the Middle Ages that the mines reached great dimensions and fame throughout the Val di Cornia and the Maremma.
The Temperino Mine is the largest. It is located at the entrance to the park, welcomes and marvels the newly arrived tourists. This excavation site has a small railway that, until the end of the activities, was used for the transport of minerals. The rocks collected came directly to the crushing implant and the work in the mine became faster and more efficient. Those same rails are still in use today: they take visitors to discover the park. The train is the most loved attraction by children.
The tour on the train takes about 50 minutes through long tunnels where the tools used by miners are exposed over time. The route is very impressive, full of charm and mystery.
In the Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro there is also a small museum where various minerals of different shapes and colors are collected. You can admire the machinery and processing implants used since the nineteenth century and until the total closure of the mine.